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Light Lunch Menu

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With a mixture of gourmet sandwiches and sweet platters this menu suits Wakes, Corporate Lunches or any daytime get together you may arrange.

Gourmet Sandwiches

Turkish bread filled with salad, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Avocado (v)
Petite Croissants with Ham, Cheese & Shallots
Smoked Salmon, Spanish Onion and Cream Cheese on Brown
Corned Beef, pickles & cheeseĀ  on white
Traditional Egg & Lettuce on whole meal
Roast Chicken & Whole Egg Mayonnaise

Sweet Platters

Honey Oat Squares
Chocolate Brownie
Mini apple & cinnamon muffins


Selection of bottled fruit juices

$25.50 per person + GST
minimum 20 guests Surcharge will apply

This is a drop off menu on disposable platters and does not include side plates or glassware

Side plates and glassware is an additional $2 per person

Tea & Coffee Buffet $4.50 per person

Next day pick up fee of $45 applies for additional equipment if required
Additional fees apply for Sunday and Public Holidays

For bookings call Ronnie on: 0405 181 393

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