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Handy Hints

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Bar Setup

• Keep your beer boxes, line them with a garbage bag and ask the bar
staff to put the empties back into the boxes. Much easier!

• Chill the drinks the day before.
Go to Woolworths and get their old styrofoam boxes that the broccoli comes in,
they fit wine bottles. Fill each box with one type of alcohol only (it’s easier for the bar staff),
then break a bag of ice over each box, put on the lid and leave.
It will be cold the next day.

• Don’t forget the soft stuff – orange juice to go with the champers,
soda for the wine and a coke/diet coke type of something.

• Easiest cocktail at a function: Mojito’s!
The staff can just muddle the lime, mint and sugar syrup in the tumbler,
add the shot of vodka or Bacardi, and top up with lemonade or soda water.
To mix it up a little, swap the lime for strawberries, kiwi fruit or passionfruit;
4 varieties and no blender or shakers needed!

• Glassware – you’ll need more than one per person, and a lot more if you’re serving spirits
or cocktails. We allow 4 per person for the average function (1 beer, wine, champers and tumbler),
6 if there’s Mojito’s or spirits.

General Housekeeping

• Organise a table for the gifts to go on.

• Organise a room/area for bags and coats.

• Don’t forget the toilet paper, you’re going to have a lot of people in the house!

• For cocktail parties PLEASE leave speeches and the cake cutting till after food service,
e.g. food from 6 till 8, leave speeches till 8.30 with cake at 9.

• On your invitations be specific. If it’s a wedding, nominate times
e.g. guest arrival 3.30 for ceremony at 4, with canapés from 5 (or something like that!)
If it’s a party, then arrival 6.30 food served from 7 till 9.

Drinks Calculator

For the ladies allow:
½ bottle champers
½ bottle white
¼ bottle red

For the blokes allow:
3 beers each
½ bottle white
½ bottle red